World’s Longest And Highest Glass-Bottom Bridge


At first I thought it was a hoax. Was my friend Todd Smith kidding me two days in a row? First he emailed me a story about a guy who makes landmarks out of toothpicks, and now he’s telling me about a glass bottom bridge almost 100 stories in the air. 

I quickly googled it. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon skywalk. Sure enough. Todd was right. China is about to open the most terrifying see-through walkway bridge in the world. It’s a quarter-of-a-mile across a canyon at 980ft up. It’s suspended between two cliffs. Israeli architect Haim Dotan, conceived this venture. 

You’ll never get me anywhere near the structure. Just thinking about it, gives me the shakes. I gladly admit it. I’m afraid of heights. 

Apparently, there are many who aren’t. The walkway is going to have the highest bungee jump attraction. All I can say is “Ouch!”

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