The Truth Behind Binging 

Eliot and I watch more TV than ever before. I don’t know where we find the time. We work, go to the theater and movies, visit with family and friends, attend events, read, travel, and eat out. Despite all this, we manage to watch at least 30 hours of TV a week.

We binge. We love it. We have such a good time watching some very well developed TV series. We are in the comfort of our apartment, relaxed in loosely-fit clothes, snacks nearby, and bathroom breaks when we want them. 

Media Post, a marketing trade publication, just did a study that says binging is on the rise. That’s no surprise. The part that I found strange was that while binging “brings much joy to consumers, it can also bring the blues.” TiVo Research says that “52% of those surveyed are experiencing sadness when they approach the end of a TV series.

I can relate to that. It’s difficult to let go to your pretend family and friends on the TV screen. “Binging is also having an impact on sleep patterns.” TiVo says “31% have lost sleep due to binging, and 37% say they have spent entire weekends binging.”

Eliot and I have done that. It’s a great escape from all of life’s challenges. After a weekend of binging, we realized how much we enjoyed ourselves and how it didn’t cost much to have a good time.

One thought on “The Truth Behind Binging 

  1. Oh my goodness, we can so relate to this. There is no age limitations either. Marco (21 year old son) does the same. We all agree that we dislike the series that only have one season. We need at least a history of 2, 3 maybe even 4 years of shows. After it’s over we literally feel abandoned. (A little exaggeration to make a point). The idea of watching a “live” show and having to wait a week for the next episode now seems ridiculous. What strange new behaviors technology has created!

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