Nature And Art

A long time business friend of mine, Mark Fleischmann, a trade magazine writer, posted the photo below on Facebook the other day. 
 Image credits: Gabz 

I became mesmerized. I loved the combination of nature and art in an urban environment. I quickly googled the artist, Gabz lpa HD, and found out he came from the Dominican Republic. Then I saw the story about how street artists are  incorporating elements of nature into their graffiti. 

I was so hooked. I couldn’t stop staring.  The artists had to search for the perfect spots. The interactive art is not permanent because of the elements of weather. The artists don’t seem concerned. They are grateful for whatever time they get, as long as they turn heads of people passing by. Image credits: Sandrine Boulet  Image credits: Sandrine Boulet

Image credits: Natalia Rak
  Image credits: Công Thành

  Image credits: unknown

 Image credits: Zoltron

 Image credits: Banksy

Want to view more? Click here  

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