An Automobile Built For Two

We were only in Barcelona for a few hours, when we spotted the Renault Twizy, a battery-powered two-passenger electric car designed and marketed by Renault and manufactured entirely in Valladolid, Spain. It’s becoming popular here.   

Photos by DigiDame on her iPhone 6 Plus

Legal in Europe, it’s classified as a heavy quadricycle. We couldn’t believe our eyes as we strolled La Ramblas, (a big avenue in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and locals). 

As we stopped for a red light, the car pulled up in front of us. I bent down and asked “what the heck is this?” The female driver was flattered and gave us a brief description. Told her she would be the feature of today’s DigiDame and my Facebook posts. She was hysterical laughing as she pulled away.

Here are some photos from the company’s website.           

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