Cheekbones Replace Ears  

I know this is going to sound crazy, but a young female inventor just developed a new type of headphone that doesn’t play music through your ears.

Gemma Roper, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, London, designed a pair of modular headphones using bone conduction audio. She believes her concept will help prevent the ever increasing number of bike accidents each year.

Roper’s Safe + Sound headphone design uses  bone conduction to play music through a user’s cheekbones rather than his or her eardrum.

Roper’s website explains that “bone conduction headphones work on playing sound-wave vibrations on top of bones. The waves get transmitted into the Cochlea, the inner ear, without going through the eardrum. This can work anywhere on the body but the closer to the ear, the better.

This concept is not entirely new. There have been other conduction headphones but they were designed to wrap around the user’s ears. The Safe + Sound modules clip onto the straps of a helmet. 

Beethoven also believed in conductive listening devices. As you know, Beethoven  was deaf. He was forced into biting down on a metal rod attached to his piano to hear the music. 

The Safe + Sound headphone is still in prototype form but click here to watch a video demonstration.  You’ll be the first to know  when they are available.


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