Videos Of Your Life

   We just arrived in Marseille. One of the first things I wanted to do when we got to our hotel room was make notations in my large, printed, calendar book about what we did each day during our Riverboat cruise. If I don’t write it down now, I will never remember. I love opening my calendar and seeing what I did each day, week after week, month after month.

I may not have to be so accurate in the future.  Based on its Maps software programs, Google is now patenting a technology that indexes videos of your real life experiences. You will be able to search for things you have done in the past and places you have been.

That’s pretty awesome. It’s almost like reliving your life. I understand it’s the next step in Google Glass technology. All you have to do is record video through a wearable computer and store it for searching purposes. 

The wearable device sends the video to your smartphone so it could be stored in the cloud. You just have to be disciplined to properly tag your videos. Google may tag them as well with a time and place.

Don’t get all upset about Big Brother watching you all the time. You can control the on/off switch.  Want to reach more about this? Click here for Huffington Post’s report. 

My Day In The South Of France 

When we stopped at a service station on the highway from Lyon to Marseille, we noticed a whole new concept in a McDonald’s. Everything is automated. Instead of waiting on line to give your order, you just tap it in on your own personal screen. Do we have this in the United States?  I haven’t frequent a McDonalds in years. I could be behind the times. Do let me know. 

Day and Night in Marseille from our hotel window






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