We Live To Eat 

I can’t even pretend to write a tech post today. My head is spinning from today’s adventure. We did something most folks wouldn’t dare to do.
We went to two, two-star Michelin restaurants.  Very decadent. Tonight we experienced Mirazur, the 11th highest rated restaurant in the world. It’s in Menton, France. (Next door to the Italian Riviera).  I had a vegetarian tasting menu which I think was the best choice. Absolutely spectacular!!. My vegetarian friends are going to salivate. I’m not going to become a complete vegetarian (I do love a good steak) but I think I feel better eliminating heavier foods. 

Here we go….. 


We had lunch at Chateau De La Chèvre D’or in upper Eze. The food was outstanding. The pictures speak for themselves.




 By the way, all photos were taken with my iPhone 6 plus. I think they look pretty good. FYI, I took a Pepcid two hours before bedtime. Slept like a baby. I also tried on my tight red slacks to see how much damage I did to myself with all the food I consumed. They still zip up. I got lucky.

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