A 32-Page Gap

As more and more Americans read books on electronic devices, print publishers may not be paying close attention to certain details. Eliot was reading “Die Again,” by Tess Gerritsen, on his Kindle during our European trip. When we got home yesterday, Eliot decided to switch to the hardcover edition he had in his library. 

Surprise, surprise. When he got to page 216, he noticed that the next page jumped to page 249. I posted a picture of the missing “signature.” That’s the term publishers use for a printed section of a book that is then combined with other signatures to make a bound book. Eliot, a book collector, is always amazed when he catches a typo. Today, he was astonished that Ballantine Books didn’t catch this major gap.

 What do you think? 


Arby’s Tribute to Jon Stewart 

It was payback time for Arby’s during Jon Stewart’s final TV show. The sandwich chain tried to have a little fun at Stewart’s expense. All though the years, Stewart made fun of Arby’s. Tonight Arby’s took its best shot. Arby’s showed a 60-second montage of Stewart’s best jokes about the brand. Good attempt trying to even things out.

I Didn’t Ignore You, Gary Arlen  

You asked me many times to change my profile picture because you were tired of the same old camel shot. Pick one.    


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