My Meeting With Sheila Elias

A few weeks ago I spotted a group of 60-plus woman who were having a great time over lunch at La Piaggia, our beach club in Miami. They were all decked out, fashionable, chatting away, lots of laughs, toasting each other, and trying a few things on from club’s clothing boutique. I was captivated by them because they had such great energy. 

I did something I rarely do. I walked right up to them and asked if I could get a picture of the group. I explained that I write a blog geared for over 50 folks and I wanted to show my readers how grand life could be if we just had the right attitude. In exactly six seconds the ladies were ready for their close up and I clicked away. 


I found out they were all In the arts. After the gal in the orange hat, Sheila Elias, heard I was involved in the tech business, she invited Eliot and I to her studio to see the paintings she created on an iPad. 

It turns out that Sheila, known for painting, sculpture, collage, and mix media, has had her work exhibited all over the world including the Louvre, Brooklyn Museum, Art Basel, New York University, Kunsan Contemporary Museum in Korea, plus plus. Sheila’s work is also collected by many serious art collectors. Check her out at  


                          Sheila Elias

Visionary Art Trends, an online art authority, has said that Sheila, along with David Hockney, are two important artists working in new technology. Sheila found that the iPad gave her tremendous creativity. She uses her finger and various apps to come up with very abstract and colorful designs. When I asked how she felt creating a painting on an iPad, she said “any new platform is always very exciting to an artist.” The video shows why she is so passionate about using an iPad.

Sheila’s work has been exhibited in Apple stores all over the world. My mission is to get Apple to provide a bigger platform for Sheila’s work, such as an advertising campaign, corporate exhibitions,  national programs, and special events. I will let you know if I am successful.  

The next seven paintings, were created by Sheila, on an iPad


Scenes from Sheila’s studio in North Miami Beach.







5 thoughts on “ My Meeting With Sheila Elias

  1. You are soo cool- I want to be you when I grow up- Only you would walk up to someone and end up with this amazing story!!!

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