Inebriated Bicyclists

If you have a bike friend who drinks too many cocktails when you get together, you may want to consider buying a Alcoho-Lock from Koowho for that person. It never occurred to me that we have to be just as concerned about tipsy people who drink and ride as we do about those who drink and drive. 

The Alcoho-Lock is a combination breathalyzer and bike lock. It has the same premise as ignition locks for cars. You are required to blow into a mouthpiece of the lock. It measures the amount of alcohol on your breath. The lock releases if you are below the legal limit. If it’s above the legal limit, the Alcoho-Lock sends an alert to a family member or friend telling them you had one too many. Your contact can then decide what to do with you. 

Price is around $250. Now you really need a drink to understand why the price is so high.

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