I’m A 40-Year Manhattanite 

Map of Tesla charging stations  
 Image credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

They say that NYC never sleeps. How can we?  We are the testing ground for everything new. The latest is that Tesla is putting an additional 24 charging units in garages around Manhattan. I can’t wait to see this. I’m going to check one of them out in the parking deck at the Waldorf Astoria. Tesla wants to cure road anxiety. Too many folks in this area are worrying about the lack of charging stations. Tesla wants to make sure there are no excuses for anyone to buy an electric car. Read more about it in Engadget.
Do these New Yorkers look like they need an excuse for something they really want to buy? I live in a Manhattan building with some of the same neighbors for decades. I can immediately count 25 long timers like me. They say that New Yorkers are not friendly. We are very friendly, but we know our boundaries. We don’t knock on each other’s door. We always ask the doorman to call first. It’s kind of like, “good fences, make good neighbors.”

Tonight, a group of us sat on our roof reminiscing about the past. City lights, wine and lots of life. Yes this is our roof deck. Nothing fancy but it does the trick.


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