Attention All Dog Lovers !!!

I am introducing you to a dog collar that’s on steroids. You may want to view the video a few times to understand the full capacity of the Buddy Collar. It has so many features that you will probably throw away many of your other devices.

The water proof, LED collar lights your dog in the dark, has a temperature sensor, an activity tracker, and a location monitor. The collar was the brainchild of Australian startup Squeaker. It connects via Bluetooth to an accompanying iOS (Apple Watch version included) or Android app. 

One of the biggest selling points of the collar is that you can draw geofences on maps. That means you will be promptly notified if your pet steps out of the zone you designated.

The accompanying app also gives you an overview of your dog’s activity levels, food intake and vet appointments. The Buddy collar features a small OLED screen that shows the dog’s temperature, calorie intake and exercise for the day. 

The Buddy is also connected to the Nest thermostat. It adjusts the air conditioner, or heater, based on your pet’s body temp. That’s pretty awesome. 

The basic Buddy collar is $180. The one with a fitness tracker costs $240. 

Woof, woof 

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