Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Image from: 2001 – 2015 Avid Dating Life Inc

By now you have all heard about the Ashley Madison snafu. It’s all over the press. The website, devoted to married people who want to cheat, was hacked. That means someone broke into their database and is slowly releasing the names of 33 million users. 

It may seem unreal, but 33 million people actually signed up with their real names, emails, credit cards, addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, and oh boy….. sexual preferences. The hackers revealed that the Ashley Madison patrons include execs from Bank of America, JP Morgan, Amazon, Department of Education, Boeing, and every big company you can think of.

There are tons of people who have a lot of explaining to do. I, myself, can take a big sigh of relief. A few years ago, a former client, was thinking of financially backing a new company that was going to compete against Ashley Madison. His friend, a former Ashley Madison executive, was going to head it up. 

They both met with me to discuss my PR agency handling the account. They must have thought I was the biggest idiot alive. I had no idea who Ashley Madison was and what function it performed. I was hoping it had something to do with ice cream. 

When they finally explained the concept to me, I went into utter disbelief. I was paralyzed with fear. I didn’t know if they were kidding or trying to trick me. I wasn’t taking any chances. I made up some stomach ache excuse and left the building. I never heard about their venture again and I’m not bringing it up. Amen! 


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