360 Degree Photos, The Next Big Selfie

I’m not so sure this is going to catch on, but 2016 is supposed to be the year of aerial view selfies. Yes, you throw a 360- degree, ball-shaped camera in the air and it automatically snaps a picture at its highest point. Be sure to catch it.

It’s a spherical photo. You get to see yourself submerged in all of your surrounding from the top, down. Called the Panono, it has the highest resolution camera available. 

The Panono just finished a successful Indiegogo fund raising campaign. The camera costs $1,499, but don’t dispair. The initial production run is only ramped up for 1000 units. After that, the price should come down.

The camera is no larger than a grapefruit. It features tiny, indented lenses and a rubberized green trim so you can get a grip on it. You can also use a removable handle if you don’t feel like tossing the camera in the air. You simply click the a button at the end of the grip. 

The Panono has a companion app on your smartphone to view the photos you shoot. Watch the video to see what you’re missing on your present day camera. Good luck.

Mashable did a detailed story on Panono.

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