Kayne West Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy At MTV Music Video Awards 

Before I get into today’s post, I wanted to show you what tropical storm Erika looked like on MacArthur Causeway today in Miami. No biggie.  Thank goodness.   
Eliot and I truly went out of our comfort zone tonight watching the MTV Music Video Awards. To us, it was just a lot of noise. To many of our (DigiDame readers) children and grandchildren, this is the music that inspires them. It is very difficult for us to relate to the words and the sounds of the music. We were also clueless listening to Kayne West’s speech when he accepted the mighty Vanguard Award. He ranted random thoughts with no continuity. Just when I thought I understood what he was saying, he moved on to another subject. At the very end, he announced he was running for President of the United States in 2020. Taylor Swift immediately endorsed him. On a positive note, most of the young music makers today underscored their belief in equality.  Hooray for that. 

 Miley Cyrus hosted the awards in her outrageous, see-all outfits.  
Then Kayne West with his very pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian, took center stage.

  Nicki Minaj was very much a Kim lookalike.

Britany Spears was tame compared to others.    
Saved the best for last–Kelly Osbourne.  Now, that’s a hairdo.  


3 thoughts on “Kayne West Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy At MTV Music Video Awards 

    • Looks like KIm Kardashian is making history with the baby coming out of her rear! Nice to be young and able to relate to the entire show and all of the noise but they are all running to the BANK!!

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