Getting Ready For Prime Time   

Juan Carlos Zapata is fearless. He is determined to reach new target audiences as a real estate broker. This is the first time that JC has ever taped a video of his pitch. He has no formal training, but wants to take advantage of digital marketing. 

That means once he is satisfied with one of his video presentations, he will distribute it to potential customers, other referral brokers, the press, architects, real estate developers, friends and family, who will help him spread the word about his ability to successfully buy and sell properties. 

Before you judge his attempt, let me remind you that some of the most successful digital marketers today defy the textbooks that teach us formal presentations. The biggest YouTube stars are those who have unique personalities, are very animated, sound a little funny, but have something to say.

Video stars have interesting content. Every YouTube personality has to find his or her own niche. Juan Carlos wanted a video to show his honesty. That’s why the videos are iPhone 6 Plus homemade with me at the controls. Once JC finds his stride, he will upgrade his video crew, hire hair/makeup artists, and lighting experts. Till then, it’s me and my mobile device.

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