The Next Time You Are In Miami

Remind me to take you to Little Havana the next time you are in Miami. I really mean Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street/Tamiami Trail). It’s known as the neighborhood for Cuban exiles, perhaps the largest in the world. The street life is filled with restaurants, music and cultural activities.

Tonight, the four of us, Ruth, Howard, Eliot and myself, wanted Cuban Food so we ended up in Exquisito, right in the middle of all of the street action.


After dinner Ruth suggested we stop by  Cuba Ocho, a Cuban cultural and research center, which also features great tapas and diversified music. 


The minute we arrived at Cuba Ocho, I spotted a desk lamp on top of the bar that I adored. When I asked the price, I was introduced to one of the owners of Cuba Ocho, Yeney Ramos. 

Yeney explained that her husband, Roberto Ramos, 44, fled Cuba in 1992 with a boat stuffed with valuable works of his Cuban art. The walls of Cuba Ocho are covered with Ramos’ personal collection of paintings and books from Cuba’s prerevolutionary era. Some of his pieces are being shown in museums all over the U.S. He is also known for creating the coffee table book, “The Great Masters of Cuban Art.” 

Yeney Ramos 


The table tops are absolutely unique. What a way to experience art.  


Center stage for all kinds of musicians. Thursday night is salsa  (yes, dancing too) and Fridays are the battle of the rock bands.

The next few slides show this magnificent exhibition center. The place is a gem and it might become our home, away from home. I’m glad we found it. 




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