Jimmy Kimmel’s Hate Mail

If you were worried that your children, or grandchildren, spend too much time playing video games, now you have a whole new couch potato sport to be concerned about. The new pastime is youngsters, watching other youngsters, play video games. 

I know it sounds absurd but now kids sit at their computers watching complete strangers play video games. I want to be sure you get the picture. The younger generation is using their computers to zero in on other video gamers playing video games. 

Jimmy Kimmel found this so absurd that he joked one night during his monologue that the next big thing would be kids, watching other kids, watching video gamers, play video games. 

Apparently, he really upset the community of video game spectators. To understand how ugly it really got, watch the two videos. Bottom line, Jimmy is questioning the role of parents today. Is it funny or pathetic? 

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