Wish I Had The Poloroid Snap Camera On Our Trip

I’m not embarrassed to admit that sometimes I wish I had the old Polaroid instant print camera when I travel (we are in Bogota, Colombia, on a tour) or when I’m at a party. I love taking pictures of people and immediately handing them a print. I know you probably think this is a nutty thing for me to say, since I’m such a proponent of senior people using the latest and greatest in technology. 

The trouble is that most people (youngsters too) take their sweet time responding to digital photos. I can send folks a picture of themselves via email and it can take weeks to hear their reaction. I like immediate gratification. It would be more fun to take a picture, hand it to someone and watch the response.

This morning we went up to Monserrate, a mountain that dominates the city center of Bogota. 10, 341 ft above sea level.

Eliot rarely sees pictures of himself. He is always snapping his own.  

It would have been nice to hand a print photo to this group so they could have celebrated the moment.

Meanwhile, a number of friends who attended the  IFA conference in Berlin, Germany a few days ago, (a consumer electronics trade show), told me about the new Polaroid’s Snap camera that prints instant photos without ink. They said it was the talk of the show. Targeted to sell for $99, the 10-megapixel Snap camera looks like a toy but the quality of the prints are supposed to be the best yet.

Features include: a big red shutter button and a self-timer button for selfies, a button to switch between modes for color, sepia, and black and white. The prints come out of the right side and the left side has a Micro USB port. I looked online and found a video that explains all of the features.

The camera should be available in a few months. I may be first on line to buy it. 

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