Back To Basics 

I am now in the middle of the Coffee Triangle, Pereira, Colombia, South America. Very slow to no internet in the guest rooms at the hotel, Mirador las Palmas. The connections in the common areas are intermittent. I will try to grab wifi wherever possible. There are cats and dogs loose everywhere. My friend Howard told me they keep the nasty creatures away. The hotel is very primitive. I hope this post goes through. If there is a way to be connected, I will find it. If you don’t see a post in the next few days, you’ll know why.


I will be climbing lots of stairs in the next few days trying to figure how to stay in touch. The good news is that I will be drinking a lot of great coffee.  

I am well aware that there are worse things in life than not being fully connected. No lectures. I get it.

One thought on “Back To Basics 

  1. Sunrise this morning was amazing.
    Daylight makes the whole world look better.
    GOOD MORNING COLOMBIA (the Coffee Triangle).

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