Senior Citizens of Colombia Become Country Ambassadors  

I love when I see active senior citizens. It makes me feel that we are still important members of society. When we flew from Bogota to The Coffee Triangle a few days ago, I noticed many older folks on our airplane in uniforms. Our tour guide explained that the government and other benefactors sponsor gatherings around the country several times a year where senior citizens share items from their local communities and exchange ideas. 

I was also reminded that when Latinos meet, there is always a lot of dancing. No one needs an excuse to party. I felt very fortunate to meet up with the ambassadors  again in the town of Filandia. I have included a video of local politicians campaigning alongside the seniors and, of course, dancing.  

A welcome to Filandia sign.


I inserted myself smack in the middle of one of the groups



Capturing the excitement on a Go Pro.


Selfies are contagious.

   Our bus driver and a member of our group joining in on the festivities.


Colombians love color in their art and architecture.


Every house in Filandia expresses artistic independence.


Pastel colors are very popular in the square.


Two establishments compliment each other.


It’s amazing how each store front manages to attract patrons.


Not sure about this one but colors are sometimes used to support a certain political party.


i was told that the colors on each house are constantly being maintained.


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