David Pogue, Tom Cruise, Pablo Escobar 

What a day this has been. First of all, I got to announce that I secured the famous techy David Pogue to make a guest appearance in the New York show “39 Steps.” My friend, Doug Denoff, is the producer of the show, and together, we are going after lots of major personalities to join the cast for one night each in order to boost ticket sales. David studied music and theater at Yale so he is a natural. 

Read my Facebook post above for more details. If you are at all interested, please send me an email –loisw@hwhpr.com. There may be some freebies. 

Next case–Tom Cruise. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Medellin, Colombia when all of  a sudden, a news flash comes across my iPhone screen.

“A plane crash during the shoot of Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Mena’ killed two and seriously injured a third person on Friday night in Medellin, Colombia.” 

The movie is about Pablo Escobar and coincidentally, he was the focus of our tour today. The Colombians are proud that their country is no longer dominated by drug lords and want to the world to know that Colombia is very safe.

We went by boat to visit Pablo Escobar’s waterfront home.


The compound of houses all belonging to Escobar.


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