Photography Drones Hit The Wedding Scene 

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There I was,  peering in on an elaborate wedding, in the very at elegant ballroom, of the Santa Clara Hotel, in Cartagena, Colombia, when all of a sudden, my friend Howard declares, “Look, it’s a drone.” 

I looked up, and much to my disbelief, a flashing, red lit drone, (kind of like a flying saucer) was circulating the dance floor, 15 feet up, capturing all of the opulence of the fairytale wedding. My jaw dropped. 

I can’t explain why I was so surprised. I’m in the tech industry. I should have known about these things. I usually do. However, when I saw this for the very first time, I got overwhelmed. I had never seen a drone used this way. The fact that it was flying over lavish gowns and pearly white dinner jackets, was a surprise. We didn’t get to watch the drone for too long. The party coordinators closed the entranceway doors as soon as the bride and groom were announced.

Later that night I googled  “wedding photography” and learned that more and more couples want drones to capture stunning aerial shots of their special day. That means that wedding photographers are adding drones to their list of options. I heard that video photographers are charging as high as $1,000 for an hour of flying time.

Father-of-the-brides beware! You can’t fight progress. 

I have included various videos of wedding photography drones doing their job. One even shows a major goof.

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