Go Ahead, PhunkeeDuck 


I first saw a PhunkeeDuck two years ago, at CES, in Las Vegas. I didn’t think much of it then, but today is the third time in two weeks that someone whizzed by me on a PhunkeeDuck. This one was not going to get away. Watch the video.

What is a PhunkeeDuck? It’s a Segway without the handle bars. It’s a balancing bar on wheels. It’s a snowboard.  It’s a new form of transportation. 

Make sure you watch the video to the end. The gent demonstrating the PhunkeeDuck claims his 55 year old mother is using the PhunkeeDuck. 

The top speed for PhunkeeDuck is 12 MPH. One charge will last for over 10 miles. So, who goes first? 

6 thoughts on “Go Ahead, PhunkeeDuck 

  1. A student at my high school had one with them the other day & other students said they had one too. I also was surprised because I had not seen it before.
    I don’t know if it was the same brand name.

  2. Watch a rapper at Miami airport go from check in to entering the plane itself on one of those. He looked rediculous though he acted like he was the coolest.

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