Print Refuses To Die

Much to my surprise, the sales of print books are still showing signs of life. I thought Eliot, the collector, was the only one who still reads printed books. That’s why a recent story in Engadget caught my eye. I  wanted to share it with you.

The Association of American Publishers claims that sales of e-book dropped 10 percent during the first five months of 2015. That’s good news for print. It seems that many folks like to mix it up. If they are home, they read print. If they are commuting, traveling, or even going out for the day, they opt for an e-reader.

Forrester Research revealed that 12 million reading devices were sold last year in 2014. That’s a sharp decline from 20 million in 2011. 

Eliot loves to read mysteries in the printed version but has no trouble transferring to a Kindle when we travel. However, I don’t think he reads the same story both devices. If he starts a story in print, he stays loyal to that format. He can easily read a few different books at one time.

I prefer the digital format. I like to know that all of my favorite books are in one device. It makes me feel secure and productive. I also feel that way about newspapers and magazines. I read everything on a digital device. 

The trend may swing once again now that Amazon is introducing very inexpensive reading tablets. I predict that some Amazon tablets will be less expensive than a hardcover book. 

The jury is still out on what choice Americans will  make in the future. I think it will always be a combination of the two.

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