Is This The Real Lee Radziwill?

For months now, I have been following the 82-year old Lee Radziwill on Twitter. The trouble is that I can’t believe this is the real Lee Radziwill. For those who don’t remember, Lee Radziwill is the younger sister of the late First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

All of Radziwill’s credentials are posted next to her name so I have to believe it’s her. Two things puzzle me. She posts practically every hour and her comments are very outspoken.

I just copied and pasted her Tweets here. Tell me what you think.

@LeeRadziwill: Create a world for yourself rather than trying to fit into someone else’s.

@LeeRadziwill: I’ve lived a life that’s full.I’ve traveled each and every highway; And more, much more than this, I did it my way.

@LeeRadziwill: Johnny Depp did an OK job playing Christopher Walken in Black Mass.

@LeeRadziwill: Wishing Jessica Simpson the best luck in rehab.

@LeeRadziwill: @EmiratesSupport I was just told my case containing my evening wear arrived in Moscow. I am in Dubai. What should I do?

@LeeRadziwill: I would rather crawl on broken glass over a Southwest Airlines flight to Reno, than endure @emirates from LAX to Dubai again. Apologize now.

@LeeRadziwill: The closest you can come to perfection is accepting you will never be perfect.

@LeeRadziwill: #MyInfomercialWouldSell dartboards featuring Ann Coulter’s face.

@LeeRadziwill: Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.

@LeeRadziwill: The View should have ended years ago.

@LeeRadziwill: Fashion is art and culture and history and everything I love combined.

@LeeRadziwill: Carly Fiorina does not seem like the type to uplift other women. She wants to climb to the top and lord over them.

@LeeRadziwill: Ann Coulter’s trying extra-hard to get invited to Mel Gibson’s Yom Kippur party

@LeeRadziwill: Thank God Ann Coulter is a barren spinster. Just like Adolf Hitler, her sick, hateful bloodline will end with her.

@LeeRadziwill: Do they know President Reagan passed? They say his name like grandchildren competing for him to pick a favorite. #GOPDebate

@LeeRadziwill: Ted Cruz reminds me of Pinocchio. His nose seems to grow with every lie he tells. #GOPDebate

@LeeRadziwill: Donald Trump has been involved in more bankruptcies than failed marriages.

 Roof Party 

One of the reasons why Eliot and I returned to NYC today is because our coop was having a roof party for all of the shareholders. Eliot and I are on the board. We really wanted to celebrate the fact that this has been our home for 40 years. Many of our neighbors have lived in our building for decades too. They say that people in NYC don’t know their neighbors. Not in my building.


The view from our roof


Enough food for an army.


75 people showed up.


The party was Josh Rubinger’s idea and Marilyn Scher handled thr execution.


Dyan and Herm


Two members of the board, Josh and Jared, President, Stacy Rubinger joins them.



Josh and Marc Lipman, treasurer, toast the crowd.



Josh and Mark


Guess who?


We were so happy that Whitney got to see the people she grew up with.


Edyce with Eliot


Natalya and Yuri.


All the photos below are our good neighbors.

Chef Fredrick meet chef Michel.



Visual Pleasures

I go from loving the digital world, because of the technical capabilities it affords us, to the calm of tranquility. 

Here I am last Monday canoeing through the beautiful mangrove tunnels of Cueva Del Manglar, Cartagena, Colombia.  

 Photos by Eliot Hess  

Where would I rather be? The truth is, both places.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (my workspace), I just received an email from

Dear Lois,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve just posted Tech Writer David Pogue to Make Guest Appearance in 39 STEPS Off-Broadway on at:

Nice way for a publicist to end her day.

Pressing Facebook’s Buttons 

I always thought it was peculiar when a friend, or family member, announced on Facebook, that his or her father died. What was more shocking was when the sorrowful post received 100 “likes.”

I could never figure out if that meant Facebook members were happy that the father died or they just wanted to acknowledge the post. Of course, I knew that it meant “acknowledgement,” but it still disturbed me. 

Voila! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg must have sensed my frustration. In a recent meeting, he admitted the company was working on a way for Facebook users to show “empathy” when it was inappropriate to “Like.”

Zuckerberg said they were not going to produce a “Dislike” button because he was not interested in turning Facebook into a platform “where people voted up or down.”

Therefore, Facebook is contemplating a “Sorry” button because they feel it’s more appropriate. Nothing has been finalized.

Watch the video to hear Zuckerberg talk about the possibilities.

Photography Drones Hit The Wedding Scene 

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There I was,  peering in on an elaborate wedding, in the very at elegant ballroom, of the Santa Clara Hotel, in Cartagena, Colombia, when all of a sudden, my friend Howard declares, “Look, it’s a drone.” 

I looked up, and much to my disbelief, a flashing, red lit drone, (kind of like a flying saucer) was circulating the dance floor, 15 feet up, capturing all of the opulence of the fairytale wedding. My jaw dropped. 

I can’t explain why I was so surprised. I’m in the tech industry. I should have known about these things. I usually do. However, when I saw this for the very first time, I got overwhelmed. I had never seen a drone used this way. The fact that it was flying over lavish gowns and pearly white dinner jackets, was a surprise. We didn’t get to watch the drone for too long. The party coordinators closed the entranceway doors as soon as the bride and groom were announced.

Later that night I googled  “wedding photography” and learned that more and more couples want drones to capture stunning aerial shots of their special day. That means that wedding photographers are adding drones to their list of options. I heard that video photographers are charging as high as $1,000 for an hour of flying time.

Father-of-the-brides beware! You can’t fight progress. 

I have included various videos of wedding photography drones doing their job. One even shows a major goof.

Making Campbell Soup In A Keurig K-Cup

For the last week, the topic of conversation has been coffee. It makes sense. I’m in Colombia, the home to some of the greatest coffee in the world. It’s so strange. Eliot and I love our Keurig Green Mountain coffee every morning. The people here do not consider that coffee

Now, we just learn that our favorite Keurig machine will also be able to make fresh-brewed soups. Keurig and Campbell’s Soup have developed the ability to make soups in the K-Cup pods. Each cup will only be 70-calories and are available in Homestyle Chicken Broth, Noodle Soup Mix, Southwest Style Chicken Broth and Noodle Soup Mix.
Many people in the tech business knew that Keurig and Campbell’s Soup were working on this product development for a few years. Well, it showtime. The product is ready.

You can read more about this topic in USA Today

The food has been superb this week.  I photographed a few to show you.

Farmer Cheese on Colombian bread.

Dressing up a hamburger.

Trout On Plantains.


Local fruit.   


David Pogue, Tom Cruise, Pablo Escobar 

What a day this has been. First of all, I got to announce that I secured the famous techy David Pogue to make a guest appearance in the New York show “39 Steps.” My friend, Doug Denoff, is the producer of the show, and together, we are going after lots of major personalities to join the cast for one night each in order to boost ticket sales. David studied music and theater at Yale so he is a natural. 

Read my Facebook post above for more details. If you are at all interested, please send me an email – There may be some freebies. 

Next case–Tom Cruise. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Medellin, Colombia when all of  a sudden, a news flash comes across my iPhone screen.

“A plane crash during the shoot of Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Mena’ killed two and seriously injured a third person on Friday night in Medellin, Colombia.” 

The movie is about Pablo Escobar and coincidentally, he was the focus of our tour today. The Colombians are proud that their country is no longer dominated by drug lords and want to the world to know that Colombia is very safe.

We went by boat to visit Pablo Escobar’s waterfront home.


The compound of houses all belonging to Escobar.


Senior Citizens of Colombia Become Country Ambassadors  

I love when I see active senior citizens. It makes me feel that we are still important members of society. When we flew from Bogota to The Coffee Triangle a few days ago, I noticed many older folks on our airplane in uniforms. Our tour guide explained that the government and other benefactors sponsor gatherings around the country several times a year where senior citizens share items from their local communities and exchange ideas. 

I was also reminded that when Latinos meet, there is always a lot of dancing. No one needs an excuse to party. I felt very fortunate to meet up with the ambassadors  again in the town of Filandia. I have included a video of local politicians campaigning alongside the seniors and, of course, dancing.  

A welcome to Filandia sign.


I inserted myself smack in the middle of one of the groups



Capturing the excitement on a Go Pro.


Selfies are contagious.

   Our bus driver and a member of our group joining in on the festivities.


Colombians love color in their art and architecture.


Every house in Filandia expresses artistic independence.


Pastel colors are very popular in the square.


Two establishments compliment each other.


It’s amazing how each store front manages to attract patrons.


Not sure about this one but colors are sometimes used to support a certain political party.


i was told that the colors on each house are constantly being maintained.