Flying On Water Pressure 

In the last few months, I have been meeting up with a number of inventors involved in extreme water sports. They are all interested in developing new ways to thrill daredevils. While I’m keen to let the world know about some of these activities, I wonder how safe they really are. 

One extreme water sport that seems to be gaining momentum in year-round warm weather climates (Miami) is the Flyboard. I never heard of this one before, even though it’s been around for a few years. It basically rockets you several stories high out of the water. 

If you watch the two videos above, you’ll see the stunts that can be performed and how the Flyboard works. There is no question about it, this extreme water sports activity is not targeted to our age group. Hopefully, we have better sense then to try to be a rocket. I still wanted you to know what the young and strong are up to.

The Flyboard works on water pressure. The more water pressure that is applied, the higher the user gets. It also allows them to perform better tricks. Again, watch the first video for great demonstrations.

The Flyboard was created by French water sports master, Frank Zapata. He explains that the Flyboard is comprised of a rider platform that’s connected to a long hose and a water jet. To many our age, the Flyboard resembles a flying snowboard. To those who are under 50, the Flyboard is a great way to show off.  

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