The Digital Language Translator  

אני מדבר באנגלית עדיין זה שתורגם לעברית

Estoy hablando en Inglés pero esto está siendo traducida al español

Je parle en anglais encore cela est en cours de traduction en français

I’m speaking in English and it’s being translated into  —– by an app called the iHandy Translator

I used this app for years when I needed to translate one language to another. Then I forgot all about it. I’m so glad I rediscovered it because it’s new and improved. 

You type in the sentence you want to translate and then pick the language. You have 52 choices.

If you upgrade, the pro app will give you a speech translation and often used common phrases.



I plan to use the iHandy Translator to help me learn other languages.  It’s just so easy to use. If you search the App Store, you will see that there are many language apps. We live in a time when we should be taking advantage of all these electronic aids. Our ancestors would have loved them.


Or, learn a new language. 

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