My Wish List Gets Organized 

Happy birthday Dad. You would have been 98 today. Miss you, love you…..

I feel like someone read my mind. I always wanted to organize all of my favorite things to do: read books, watch TV, go to the movies, restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. I like keeping lists. It makes me feel productive. 

The trouble is that I keep my favorite “things to do list” with all the other things I need to do. Everything always gets mixed up and I never have the time to do the proper research on the items I’m interested in. 

Then I heard about a new app in Tech Crunch that could be a great solution. Called “Soon,” the app organizes my bucket list into categories. But that’s not the bonus news. Soon actually posts additional information about each item. For example,  if I list a book, the app might add the author’s  biography, plot, and purchase information.  

Soon also has a social feature. You can follow your friends to see what they have on their lists. I love comparing notes. And I also absolutely love that Soon has a “trending” section which lists the hottest items in each neighborhood or city. It takes all of the guesswork out of what to do at home or when traveling. 

I just downloaded Soon. The following photos are the opening introductions. I will let you know if Soon fulfills my expectations. I certainly hope it does. If you try it, let me know your impressions. 


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