Innovation From CEATEC

Quite honestly, I never heard of the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (also known as CEATEC)  annual trade show in Japan. It’s going on now. Japan says it’s their largest electronics trade show. 

The only reason I know something about it is because my fiend, Steve Greenberg, was asked to attend. He flew to Tokyo on Sunday. 

Robots seem to be the big attraction this year. Watch the videos for some miraculous  introductions. Also click on this CNET link for a more in depth story.

This is a great opportunity to see these products first. 

3 thoughts on “Innovation From CEATEC

  1. CEATEC has been around for quite a while. Almost all of the new CE innovations that you see at CES in January can be seen months in advance in Japan on CEATEC. I’m surprised that you never heard of it given your prior Japanese and Korean based clients.

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