There’s An App For Everything 

Image: Loon Labs 

I don’t know why I was so surprised to learn that there really is an app to find out more about a woman’s monthly flow. I heard a few young girls talking about it in my nail salon. I thought they were kidding me. 

They all saw it on Kickstarter and plan to pre-order it. How sweet of them to ask if I was interested too. I told them that those days were long gone but thanks for the compliment.

I was very curious how this thing works. I don’t think in my day we wanted to monitor our period. We barely said the word. 

The Looncup  is a Bluetooth menstruation cup that gets inserted into a vagina during a woman’s period. The cup tracks details like fluid volume and color. It then compares the data on a monthly basis and sends the info to your smartphone.

The Looncup will also let women know when the cup is full and when it needs to be changed. I have written about menstrual cups before, but none of them were connected to an app. 

Mashable, the tech site, said cups are more environmentally friendly than anything else. Reports say that women throw away between 250 and 300 pounds of pads, tampons and applicators in a lifetime. 

All I have to say is “that’s a lot of paper.”

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