Heads Up

Image: Hudway

Here’s a sneak preview of what you might be looking at in the future. A glass company called Hudway, Marina Del Rey, California, hopes to be marketing a piece of glass that will turn your smartphone into a heads-up display on the front of your car. Let’s  hope you have a flat surface.

The reason why this is getting so much attention is because the display is placed exactly where your eyes actually meet the road. Common sense tell us that this is a much safer alternative than looking down to see your cell phone when driving.

The Hudway Kickstarter campaign explains that the device “beams information from your phone to a thin layer of curved glass mounted to the front of any dashboard for turn-by-turn navigation and phone message.” 

Hudway’s phone app supposedly lets you do things like text, tweet and even watch videos while behind the wheel. Yikes, videos? Please don’t do that

Hudway is trying to launch at $49. Hudway has raised almost $500,000 so it’s well on its way to becoming a reality. Click here to see the campaign. 

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