You’re In The Loop


This product makes so much sense that I’m surprised no one created it years ago. If you watch the video, you will meet Scott Rodwin, the inventor of The Loop. Rodwin, like many of us, just spent too much time trying to untangle his earbuds and other wires.

One day he became so frustrated, he decided to invent a solution. He says, because he is a professional architect, he was able to create what he feels is the best earbud organizer available today. The Loop is available in lots of popular colors and for $16.99 you get three of them. Rodwin also told me that they are developing newer models that offer more organizational features.

By the way, The Loop is both a consumer product and corporate/incentive product. The company is getting attention from businesses all over the United States who buy in bulk. They give The Loop to their staff as a sales reward and future customers as a promotional piece.

I think The Loop will be one of those products you carry with you everywhere.


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