The Genetic Reason Why We Travel All Over The World 


Buying art in Cuba

Every time Eliot and I go on a trip, I get some weird comments from friends. Most are happy for us and start to venture out on their own.. Yet others question why we are gallivanting all over the globe. They don’t like to travel and have no interest in immersing themselves in other cultures. 

I never really thought much about it until I read a story focusing on why people travel  in Bit of News, a website that is a clearinghouse for news, comments and analysis on technology,science, economy, politics, and culture. I don’t know if this article is correct but it was an interesting read.

It seems that several scientists discovered that people with the DRD4 gene, love  adventure, explore, and can’t sit still. They love journeys to faraway places and just enjoy new experiences. 

While I am particular about a clean guest  room, plenty of hot water, and excellent Internet service, I love going to foreign cities to see how other people live. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would travel so much, but we were lucky to find friends who have the travel bug. One encourages the other, and off we go.

Click here to read why your gene pool may determine if  you travel or stay home.


On a jeep ride in the Coffee Triangle of Columbia.


On a boat ride in Cinque Terre, Italy


Over looking Provence



8 thoughts on “The Genetic Reason Why We Travel All Over The World 

  1. Travel
    …..At home we have lost the capacity to see what is before us. Travel shakes us out of our apathy, and we regain an attentiveness that heightens every experience. The exhilaration of travel has many sources, but surely one of them is that we recapture in some measure the unspoiled awareness of children…..

    I don’t recall the author of this quote, but it rings truth for me. I read it on

  2. Spending time with my dog is more improtant to us than traveling. Time, which is precious, is something we can’t ever recapture! There will come a time that we do travel…maybe!!! We love the fact that you guys are enjoying your travels and that you will share many more journeys together…we love you both even though we are on different sides of the political bandwagon!!!

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