Tonight At “Unveiled”

Every year, CES runs a press products showcase in New York to feature some of the latest gadgets available. It’s called “Unveiled.” Everyone stopped by the Astell&Kern booth (client of HWH) to listen to hi-res music.

Steve Smith, Marc Finer, Donna Austi, Gary Shapiro, Thomas Laemmel. Gary is the CEO of CES. Donna worked at HWH PR for 12 years many moons ago. Steve is the top trade journalist, and Marc is a top consultant in the audio business. Thomas handles PR for Sony .

     Jason Henriques of HWH gets interviewed by an international broadcast wire service.


Lois Whitman-Hess, author of DigiDame and Barry Myers, getgeeked.


The Kens. Ken Furst and Ken Sanders. Both are audio consultants.


Tony Monteleone, associate publisher and Katlean DeMonchy, TV personality.


Michael Sommers and Rob Calem. Both are tech journalists.


Robert Heiblim, audio consultant.


john Laposky, editor.

Rob Sabin, Editor.

Dan Rosenbaum, Richard Sherwin, and Gary Kaye. Industry analysts.


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