My Camera Roll

My camera roll is becoming my go-to source, after Google. I have close to 10,000 photos of stuff I like to reference. Some of them are even pictures of people. However, the biggest growth area are things I question or I want to know more about. For example: 

I keep getting this notice on my laptop. I took a picture of it so I could email it to the tech guy I work with. He told me to check the little box in the corner and the notice would go away forever. It did.


I freaked out a few weeks ago because Maybelline decided to discontinue #60, my 14-hour stay-on lipstick color. I had several friends check their local drugstores. The inventory was depleted. I told my close friends Bonnie and Sara about my dilemma, and they both jumped into action. They found old inventory on several sites including Amazon. I am now a proud hoarder. Thank you, Ladies.


I photo bombed my nephew and nieces’ wedding picture. My cousin Hanna just pointed it out to me. Happy Anniversary Mara and Sam.


The only time I beat Ed. I had to capture it.


A text conversation. I wanted to easily access the information.


My Yizkor list.


Keeping track of what we read.


27 stitches in my leg because of pre–cancerous cells.


20 photos of jewelry.


I know, I know. The cloud now knows everything about me. I thought it always did.


3 thoughts on “My Camera Roll

  1. Should definitely consider getting Bevy. Stores photos and makes it easier to file, organize and share. Comes in 1 and 2 terabyte sizes.

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