Netflix Socks

If you’re like me, you fall asleep a few minutes after you start watching a Netflix movie. The convenience of watching one of your favorite show in the comfort of your home is the perfect recipe for zzzz. This is what I call the “ultimate relaxation situation.”

Apparently, I’m not the only one who can’t keep their eyes open. Netflix must know that this happens to thousands of others because the entertainment company created something called ‘smart’ socks.The socks sense when you fall asleep and automatically pause the show you’re watching. 

This sounds impossible, but Netflix explains that the socks use an accelerometer to tell when you’ve stopped moving. The socks contain an LED light in the cuff of the sock which begin to flash red toward the screen when you are immobile. If you move at all, it cancels the countdown.

This is going to change TV viewing forever.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation.

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