Spontaneous Combustion

The older I get, the more impatient I get with people.

The other day I was walking along Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida, when I saw a 10 year old boy practicing to ride a hover board.    

I refused to believe that his parents, who were standing nearby, would allow their son to be placed in such danger. For the last few weeks, newspapers and TV news shows everywhere, have warned Americans about the dangers of hover boards. Some of the hover boards are literally experiencing spontaneous combustion.

Hover boards are no longer allowed on major airlines, including Delta and JetBlue. Amazon has pulled them from their “online shelves. ”  It seems that the lithium batteries are the cause of fires. 

Watch the video above for a quick explanation of what is going on. The next person you see on one, yell “fire.” You won’t regret it.


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