Telephone Booths Converted Into Wifi Hubs 

 Images from the Verge 

Say goodbye to telephone booths in NYC. While you probably don’t notice them anymore, there are still plenty of booths around the city just standing there doing nothing.

All that is about to change. Telephone booths are being reconfigured as wifi charging stations for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The LinkNYC stations are designed to provide gigabit Wi-Fi access points. One of the first hubs was installed at 15th St and 3rd Avenue. The Verge, an Internet site, claims there will be aporoximately 500 other hubs installed in 2016.

All of the boroughs will be getting LinkNYC hubs.The full network can go as high as 7,500 public hubs throughout the city. The hubs wil include USB device charging ports, touchscreen web browsing, and two 55-inch advertising displays.

The city is expecting the advertising displays to generate more than $500 million in revenue this year.
That’s a nice piece of change.

By the way, cities across the country are planning to update their telephone booths as well. Superman will no longer have a place to change his clothes, but he will be able to recharge his power whenever he wants.



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