Working Girl 

When Steve Guttenberg, the highly regarded audio editor at CNET, a leading tech site, found out last year that I had attended every CES, he said he wanted to write a story about it. I was thrilled because it is a pretty amazing accomplishment, considering 99.9 per cent of the people I started going to CES with no longer attend the show. They are either retired or have died. 

This week, approximately 200,000 people will attend the show. While I enjoy going to witness all of the new innovative introductions, I do feel the rooms are filled with the ghosts of all of the amazing entrepreneurs who have helped build the electronics industry. These are the folks I grew up with. These are the folks I worked and partied with for decades.

I’m so grateful to Steve Guttenberg for recognizing my participation in the show. It pays tribute to everyone I miss, yet validates all of the important work I still want to do. I am truly honored to have a major influencer in the business focus his attention on me, even for a second.

I cut and pasted the blog post below because I wanted to share it. I also included the link. Click here. Digital posts average 300 to 400 words so it will be a fast, meaningful read. That’s the way the Internet works.



8 thoughts on “ Working Girl 

  1. Fabulous Lois, you are amazing! Have a great trip. If that photo was of me I would post it everywhere, it’s gorgeous.

  2. Great tribute, and that is a great photo as well. Looking good…..If Steve and I HAD to choose which movie was better, it would have to be “The Danish Girl”.

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