LG Roll-Up TV

Tomorrow morning I head out to CES in Las Vegas. Word has already spread that one of the hottest products at the show is a prototype, 18-inch OLED screen that rolls up like a piece of paper from LG Displays. It’s expected to be available to consumers next year. . 


When I first saw it, I immediately thought, “Who would want this?” Boy was I wrong. LG said these types of displays are geared for smartphones, tablets, and TVs.” 

OLED uses an organic compound that allows screens to be curved, rolled and bent. According to CNET, “The organic material also emits its own light, eliminating the need for a backlight.”

The interior design community is applauding LG for being so creative. Now they can install a roll up TV screen almost anywhere. Cool beans! 

The video gives you more details.

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