My CES Favorite 

When I walked past the iHealth Lab booth at the CES, I just stopped and stared. I felt like I walked into a candy store for seniors.


The company was offering every product you could ever want in order to maintain good health for years to come. The one that amazed me the most will be ready in just a few months. It’s an ambulatory ECG device. You wear it under your clothes. iHealth is still waiting for FDA clearance. 

iHealth claims this is the “first of its kind wearable, ambulatory ECG that monitors heart activity continuously without cumbersome wires or connections. The electrodes and monitor are ergonomically designed into a single, lightweight device that attaches directly to the users chest.  

“The data can be transferred directly to a user’s mobile device that automatically pushes data to the cloud, allowing for easy access by health care professionals.”

I know a lot of people who would love a device like this because they want to monitor their heart rate or rhythm (arrhythmia). Many folks believe a unit like this can save their lives. All they have to see is a small abnormality and they immediately call their doctor who can view it too. iHealth explains what to look for. 

How amazing it that?

The ECG  uses Bluetooth 4.0 BLE to transfer data to an IOS device or can transfer data to a PC using an USB cable. The product uses a rechargeable battery and stores up to 72 hours of data. 

I will let you know when the unit becomes available.

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