Mind Games for Your Pet

This post should get a lot of attention. It’s about dogs. One of the most talked about products at CES was an interactive educational device for bow wow. Called CleverPet, the product keeps a dog’s mind stimulated and active all day and night. I call this an educational dog sitter.

In order to active, all you have to do is fill the CleverPet dispenser with dog food. Then your pet is ready to start playing games. CleverPet says, “The unit has three touch-sensitive pads that light up in colors inside a dog’s visual spectrum and a microphone to detect barks.”

CleverPet sets a series of challenges for your dog. All Fido has to do is hit the right pad to receive a reward. “The device adjusts the level of difficulty in real time to match the dog’s performance. The games include teaching the dog to detect changes in color, pressing a sequence of lights, and responding to commands pre-recorded in the user’s own voice.”

The best part of CleverPet, in my opinion,  is that it regulates the amount of food your dog eats at one time. I like the idea of eating smaller portions several times during the day. 

So how much would you pay for a product like this? Retail price is approximately $275. Not much for dog lovers.

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