Lyft And Uber Share Drivers 

 I was clueless until a Lift driver in Miami confessed to me last week that a growing number of drivers work for both Uber and Lyft. I don’t know why I ever thought each transportation company had their own exclusive group of drivers, but that’s not the case. 

“Everyone I know, works for both,” said a driver who drove me from my hairdresser last Thurdsay back home along Alton Drive. “I keep both apps open and answer the one that calls first. This way, I get the maximum number of requests a day and do not ride around for too long without a customer.”

The other surprising fact I learned last week is that most drivers refer to themselves as “Uber” because most doormen and valet parking staff never heard of Lyft. “It’s just easier to announce ourselves as an Uber car when we arrive to pick up a passenger. The folks we are picking up know who to look for and the hotel or condo staff recognize the Uber name more, so they tell us almost immediately if someone is waiting for a car. If we said we were from Lyft, hotel and housing staff give us a puzzled look.

Lift is trying to work on its branding by  dropping prices in 33 cities. Some of the cities with reduced rates include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC. New York and Chicago are still at full prices. Lyft is still determined to be the most affordable option for passengers.

Let the price wars begin! 

2 thoughts on “Lyft And Uber Share Drivers 

  1. I caught up with your Facebook page last week.I’m not very adept at it yet (not being a media whiz like you!), but I did send a friend request and hope you will answer it. I track over twenty blogs by seniors and have discovered that few use a Facebook page. Learning something new is intimidating, but I think Facebook is here to stay and seniors need to include it in their media repertoire. Would love to see you write a post about it for us. As in how it works, and how we could use it in blogging.

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