The Latest On The Mammography Exam

I visited my radiology  group in NYC this week because I received a letter from them explaining that they totally updated their machinery with the state of the art, 3-D mammography units, also known as 3-D tomosynthesis. 

The letter said, “Instead of imaging the breast as a whole, 3-D mammography acquires multiple very thin slices throughout your breast in a matter of seconds. As with CAT scans and MRI’s, the thin slices prevent the adjacent tissue from overlapping one another. Studies have shown that 3-D mammography is 30 per cent more accurate in finding breast cancer than 2-D exams, and that it also greatly reduces the number of false positive readings. 

“The FDA requires that 3-D mammography be performed in conjunction with standard 2-D mammography, which makes sense since we need to compare the current study with your prior 2-D images. However, in order to keep the radiation dose down to the low level that it has always been, we have added a very exciting and important technology. It’s called “C-View,” and it synthesizes 2-D images from the 3-D ones, thereby eliminating the need to take a second mammogram.”

I was due for a mammography exam so I decided to try the new 3-D machine. I am pleased to report that you really can’t tell the difference when you take the exam, but the results are quite different. I could really see many more details in the 3-D film. My radiologist showed me how she carefully compares the images of 3-D to 2-D. I was quite impressed. 

I wanted to share this information with you because you should be made aware of all of your options. Every radiology office is updating their machines. Make sure you are getting the very best. 

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