Tech Jewelry 



This is the year that “wearable devices” truly become increasingly popular. How do I know? I read a lot of tech sites and more companies that manufacture fashion technology pieces are showing up at CES. 

One such company is Wisewear of San Antonio, TX. The brand is Socialite, a luxury smart jewelry line that conceals advanced technology inside interesting bracelets. Socialite’s jewelry features mobile notifications, distress messaging, and detailed activity tracking. Socialite’s app provides many more options.  

Each bracelet was designed by a fashion professional. My favorite one is 94-year old Iris Apfel, an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon.

The bracelets are about $395.00 each and they are still in early production (beta) so if you want to be any early adopter, proceed with caution.

Visit the Wisewear website to see the catalog.

Iris , you are amazing.


I love her style.



3 thoughts on “Tech Jewelry 

  1. Iris lives in Palm Beach. We know because we ended up sitting next to her at the counter if a restaurant. Quite a character.

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