My Girlfriend Laura 

The first time I ever heard of breast cancer  was when my mother was diagnosed at the age of 50. It was terrifying. We were very fortunate. After a mastectomy, she was cancer free. She lived another 34 years.

My mother made sure I had routine mammograms at an early age. Today, most young women aren’t required to start mammographies until the age of 40. Naturally, I am very sensitive about early detection. That’s why I recently wrote about the new 3D technology that’s available now.
My girl friend Laura had a double mastectomy earlier this week. I’ve known  Laura for decades. She was in charge of special events at HBO Video when my PR agency had the account. Laura has been  a senior executive at FOX Sports for many years.

Laura posted her recent journey with breast cancer on Facebook as a reminder to women everywhere to get regular checkups. Most women would have been  completely private about the details Laura spelled out. Laura is more interested in saving lives. 

We just found out that Laura doesn’t need any further treatment. We are all rejoicing. She is very special. Thank you Laura for allowing me to repost your words.

Beautiful Laura









4 thoughts on “My Girlfriend Laura 

  1. thanks for sharing your brave story…so happy it all went well for u,
    although I don’t know u, we are all sisters as it relates to this. wishing u continued good health- big hug for 20 seconds!

  2. Brave, brave lady….it made me cry!!! Heal very well.Laura. Lois, I just volunteered, in my womens healing yoga group for cancer patients and survivors, to begin a new service. I am offering to accompany anyone in the group that needs someone to go to doctors visits, first chemo treatments (like you did for me), tests and surgery. Laura is so right, it’s very important that a woman doesn’t have to go alone to these first time ordeals.

  3. Hi Lois:

    I had no idea that Laura went through all of this. I remember her well from our days at HBO Video. Frank and I actually ran into her 3 or 4 years ago at an event for Tracy Dolgin — can’t remember the exact occasion, either an award from Cornell or Tracy & Judy’s wedding anniversary. Anyway, we got caught up and she was great. Please send her our best. I’ll be sure to let Frank know what she has been through. Wow, her Facebook posts were amazing and terrifying at the same time. Hope to see you soon. Barbara

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