My Facebook Post RePosted Here 

A few months ago, I started a Facebook group page called “The CE Legends: The Unauthorized History.” I wanted a place where members of the consumer electronics/tech industry could reminisce about people and experiences. 

I don’t control the page. Everyone participates. I did decide to talk about my late friend Warren Zorek the other day because of something his children posted on Facebook. I wanted to share it with you. 


Warren Zorek as a young man.  Warren with his sister (top right).  Jennifer and Michael a few days ago. 

2 thoughts on “My Facebook Post RePosted Here 

  1. Lois, I saw the post on Facebook when they left for this trip and everyone wished them well. I had no idea why they were going….what a wonderful tribute. Would be interesting to hear their experiences. Very nice post!

  2. What a lovely piece. Thank you. We will supply you more complete coverage when we get back. As you know we did have the stones placed. We are currently on Gloucester to look at the archives tomorrow.
    Thank you again for the wonderful post!!!

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