Waterpik Press Party  

I was in New York two weeks ago for a wedding and, now, we’re back again because our PR agency, HWH PR, hosted a press party for our client, Waterpik. The company was introducing several new water flossers.

I wanted to find a unique location for the introduction because most of the media has already seen it all: nightclubs, restaurants, galleries, hotels suites, and event spaces. 

I decided to ask my friends,  Jillian Crane  and Al Kahn of CraneKahn Entertainment, if I could use their  “townhouse in the sky” for the party. Miraculously, they said yes. I am forever grateful because it was a perfect setting for our guests: fashion, beauty, and health editors.




Richard Bisson, CEO Waterpik, me and Al Kahn

Jillian Crane and Pierre 


Steve Guttenberg of CNET and me    My dentist, Bruce Blau, and Waterpik executive Suzanne Carranza   Jillian with Jay McCulloch, Waterpik executive  

 Cheryl Benton, of The Three Tomatoes and Marilyn Scher, HWH PR consultant    

Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious; Barry Myers, GetGeeked; and Rob Calem, free lance  


The best Douglas Elliman  team. My pal Howard Margolis on the right   

Lois with Dan Rosenbaum
   Steve Smith, major industry writer.      Paper Magazine


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