Cell Phone Case Sheds Proper Selfie Lighting 

Michael Costanza (far right) takes one of his first selfies with wife Joonok Yang and me. Our friend Ron Moorman photo bombed us. Joon just had laser eye surgery. She was such a good sport.

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I see people taking a selfies. This used to be a young thing to do, but now I see grandmas and grandpas staging their own self-portraits. It makes me smile when I see more mature people connected to the digital world. 

It also amazes me that most 50-plus folks are not at all shy while posing. I see them  holding in their stomachs, stretching their necks and checking out their better facial sides. I’m not sure what everyone is doing with their selfies, but many of them are showing up on social media platforms.

I’m here to help. I want to tell you about the selfie gadget the Kardashians use to get the best images possible.  It’s a cell phone case called Lumee and it sells for approximately $55 on Amazon. Made for Apple and Android, the case has a frame of LED panels that properly light your face. The Lumee was engineered to highlight makeup, glam, and all kinds of contrasts. The clever case has different light intensities for different opportunuties.

I was told that the case is very easy to use and it’s doubles as a flashlight. No more flumbling through all of your apps to find a flashlight.  Lumee has a single button to light up your immediate surroundings. Very convenient!

All I have to say now is, “Are you ready for your closeup?” For more information, go to racked.com, a major fashion blog.



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